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Business Organizations

Bellevue, Washington: Experienced Business Law Lawyer

A knowledgeable business law attorney can provide important counsel during start-up, concerning continuing operations and in the event of business dissolution. The services of a business law attorney can be invaluable when you have questions about what type of business entity to form, when you need to write a sales contract or licensing agreement, when you have disputes with employees or vendors - or when you want advice about a proposed course of action before making a decision.

Since 1993, attorney Joseph L. Hammer has provided careful, insightful and reasonably priced advice for businesses during all stages of commercial life. Mr. Hammer provides some business-oriented legal services for a flat rate and is also available on an hourly basis to advise and counsel regarding more complex matters. To consult with Mr. Hammer on business-related concerns, contact his law offices today for an appointment.

Business Formation: Advice and Creation

Creating a business entity has advantages in many situations. A business entity may be used to limit individual liability for business-related disputes, to hold real estate or developable land or to protect individual assets. Many different business forms exist, and there are clear advantages and disadvantages of each form depending on the individual situation. Business law attorney Joseph L. Hammer is respected in the local small business community for giving clear and concise advice regarding the best type of business entity − limited liability company or LLC, nonprofit corporation or other − for particular purposes.

Once you decide upon the proper business entity, Mr. Hammer is available to write and file all the necessary paperwork to create the business and bring it into being.

Contract Formation and Disputes

Contracts are an everyday part of business life. Business owners make agreements with vendors, suppliers, employees and purchasers. Many disputes can be prevented by the savvy business owner who makes sure that the contract is solid in the first place. Attorney Hammer has gained the respect of his business clients for his detail-oriented, cautious approach to writing and reviewing business contracts. Because he has years of business law experience, he can predict likely areas of difficultly in any business relationship and help his clients write agreements that make contingency plans in case any disputes arise.

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The law office of attorney Joseph L. Hammer is located in Bellevue, Washington. Mr. Hammer also makes appointments with business clients at other mutually convenient locations and can be available after regular business hours if necessary. For a confidential consultation regarding business formation, a business contract or a business dispute, contact Mr. Hammer at (425) 336-2459.

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