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Probate can be overwhelming and even more so at the death of a loved one. Enlisting the services of an experienced probate attorney significantly reduces the stress of the probate process. Joseph L. Hammer can help you navigate the probate process effectively.

In order to keep the probate process running smoothly, it is essential to complete the requisite tasks in a timely manner. Mr. Hammer can assist and advise with respect to all of the necessary tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Inventorying and Appraisal of assets
  • Notification of creditors and beneficiaries
  • Payment of final bills and related administration of the probate estate
  • Distribution of assets
  • Tax returns.

In Washington, probate is the process by which an individual or individuals are authorized to pass title to the decedent's assets while at the same time providing protection for creditors.

If the decedent had a trust or other probate substitute, probate may be unnecessary. As a Bellevue probate attorney, Joseph L. Hammer can examine the decedent's documents to determine the appropriate way to settle the deceased's estate.

Seattle Will Contest Attorney

Disputes can arise during probate. Many disputes are caused by the simple failure to communicate with beneficiaries promptly and accurately. If you are a personal representative facing challenges from beneficiaries, or if you are planning to contest a will, Mr. Hammer can represent you. Mr. Hammer works to resolve probate disputes efficiently so that litigation does not erode the value of the estate.

As a personal representative of an estate, you may be thinking about what your family will go through after your death. Mr. Hammer can offer peace of mind by assisting you with your will. A well-prepared estate plan can do much to spare your family from conflict and confusion.

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