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Residential tenancies are regulated by state law in Washington. In some cases municipal ordinances also affect the residential tenancy. Mr. Joseph L. Hammer has successfully represented landlords and tenants in Bellevue, Washington, since 2002.

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Residential landlords may have duties under a lease agreement in addition to those provided by statute. Statutory landlord duties include, but are not limited to, keeping the premises in good repair including the plumbing, electrical and heating systems. A landlord's right of access to the premises is prescribed by statute. Generally, notice must be given.

Tenants also have statutory responsibilities including, but not limited to, timely payment of rent. The tenant may have other duties imposed by the lease agreement. If the tenant fails to perform his or her obligations, the landlord may choose to evict the tenant.

Timeliness and accuracy are essential for ensuring that eviction proceeds without lengthy delays. Residential evictions are usually brought under the unlawful detainer procedures found in RCW 59.12 and 59.18. These provisions are strictly construed by the courts against the plaintiff-landlord. If for no other reason than this, it is useful to have a lawyer guide you through the process of evicting a tenant. Some savvy tenants know how to create roadblocks and delay the process. Mr. Hammer can help you to successfully work through this process.

In addition to evictions, Mr. Hammer is available to draft and review both commercial and residential leases.

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