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Disputes between homeowners' associations and homeowners are not uncommon. Washington law recognizes the private regulatory authority of homeowners' associations for single family developments. Condominium law requires homeowners' associations. Joseph L. Hammer has represented associations and home owners in working to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively or to document other matters. He ensures that both homeowners' associations and homeowners understand their respective rights and responsibilities. Mr. Hammer is dedicated to helping his clients cost effectively since there is generally little money to be spent on legal costs.

Seattle Condominium Association Attorney

When representing homeowners' associations, Mr. Hammer handles a broad spectrum of matters, such as:

  • Unpaid assessments
  • Violations of association covenants and rules
  • Collections of past due payments
  • Homeowners' association liens
  • Amendments to covenants, bylaws and voting procedures
  • Entity formation for new homeowners' associations.

Ensuring that covenants and bylaws are properly constructed can help prevent future disputes. As an attorney who also handles business law, he is skilled at foreseeing potential problems and helping his clients avoid them. Mr. Hammer makes certain that all homeowners' association activities are undertaken pursuant to the law.

Attorney Representing Individual Homeowners

Mr. Hammer works to protect homeowners against improper association actions. Almost all homeowners' associations are governed by other homeowners who do this work as part-time association board members. Because of this it is not uncommon for these associations to misunderstand the law or the application of facts to the law. Mr. Hammer can help a homeowner understand and protect his or her rights. He can also help you understand the procedure for objecting to association requirements.

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Since 1993, Bellevue homeowners' association attorney Mr. Joseph L. Hammer has represented both associations and homeowners in disputes. He serves clients in and around Seattle, Washington. Contact his office at (425) 336-2459.

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